As we say goodbye to 2011, here’s a look at many of the 25+ clients we worked with last year, along with the types of projects we did with them:

Web Services & Technology

  • AdJuggler (Ad Server Software): SEM
  • Aptaria (Cloud Computing): SEO/SEM, Web Design, Copywriting, Analytics & Social Media
  • OneID (Online Digital Management): Web Design
  • StoryDesk (iPad Software): SEO/SEM

Real Estate

  • Urban Igloo (Apartment Finder): Strategy, Web Development/Design, Usability/UX, SEO/SEM, Copywriting, Analytics & Social Media
  • Winn Design (VA Home Remodeler): Web Design, Usability/UX, SEO/SEM, Social Media & Analytics

Health & Fitness

Financial Services

  • GEICO (Insurance): Usability/UX, SEO & Mobile App Development

Professional Services

News & Information


Thanks to all of our clients for making 2011 a great one.  We learned a ton and are especially excited to be taking on more projects in the areas of user experience (UX) and Lean Startup strategy as we enter 2012.  Stay tuned …