Here’s a quick update on our search for a designer/developer/unicorn.

We’re still accepting applications though we may not be much past next week.

We’ve had about 150 applicants.  Overall quality of candidates and applications has been high, which we’re excited about.  In part this is probably because our application has a number of questions and serves as a barrier to people who aren’t a good fit or excited about the job.

Of those 150, we’ve reached out to about 10 to learn more about them.  There were a lot of other candidates that looked very solid and I wish we could have followed up with them.  If only we had more time …

If you’ve applied already and haven’t heard from us, I’m sorry.  We really appreciate you taking the time to apply.  If you’re convinced that you’re the perfect person for the job and that we’ve made a mistake by not following up with you, send us a message on Twitter and we’ll take another look at your application.

We’ll post another update when we’ve stopped accepting applications.