Are We a Good Fit for You?

Learn more about our unique approach and the types of projects that are a good fit — and a poor fit — for us.

Things to Know About Us

Below are key points about us that we find helpful to share before hopping on a call or exploring your project specifics.

We work with a small number of clients.

We’re a small team and we only take on 6 to 8 new client projects per year — mostly with enterprise and mid-size organizations. Our approach is unique and, while we’re a great fit for some teams, we’re not the right fit for most.

We’re a great fit for teams that need alignment.

Our best work is with organizations that need help getting on the same page. We use workshops to bring your team into the research analysis and ideation process. It’s messier than a report-focused approach, but it’s much better at driving alignment and action. See our work with Tonal for an example.

We specialize in strategic and discovery research.

Many of our projects include exploratory research that helps teams get aligned on major strategic directions, like which audience to target or what to build next. These projects often start with user interviews and might include concept testing or journey mapping. We also do plenty of usability testing of existing products, but mostly as part of ongoing retainers that allow for iterative research. Quick, narrowly-focused research projects — and pre-planned research that just needs execution or recruitment help — are not our sweet spot.

Our biggest impact is with digital product teams.

We work with teams across many functions, including UX, design, marketing, IT, research, innovation, and strategy. Our sweet spot is research for product teams working on enterprise software and other digital products. Because they own short-term and strategic product decisions, product managers and directors get the most mileage out of our strategic research, iterative approach, and collaborative workshops.

Things to Know About You

Here are some signs that we might — or might not — be a good fit for you.

We might be a good fit if:

  • You have a big challenge
  • You want a strategic partner
  • You struggle with team alignment
  • Your team is eager to participate
  • You have executive buy-in

We might be a poor fit if:

  • You have a big RFP
  • You want an implementation or recruitment partner only
  • You want a big report
  • Your team is too busy to observe the research
  • You are looking for a cheap consultant

Want to Chat?

We start with an intro call via Zoom that gives each of us time to ask questions and see if we’re a potential fit for each other.