Content Testing

Discover what content is confusing and frustrating your users. Get ideas for more useful and persuasive content.

Fix UX problems before you design.

Design adds complexity and cost. Save time and money by testing content first. You’ll be amazed how much you can fix before things get expensive.

Turn your writers into customer experts.

Nothing improves writing skills more than watching users interact with content, and hearing their questions and confusion points. Our team approach does this.

Answer questions, cut support costs.

Many customers come to your site trying to answer questions. Confuse them and they’ll overload your reps with needless calls.

Inspire ideas for new content.

Writers who feel they’ve exhausted topics suddenly can generate 20 new article ideas after watching a few users. Same with ad campaign concepts, value props, CTAs and more.

Improve the UX of low-literacy users.

Targeting a mass market? Nearly 50% of U.S. adults have low literacy. Test your content with them, and you’ll find critical problems you never considered.

Our Process

A typical content testing study runs through at least 1 cycle of these phases. We collaborate with your team throughout the process.


We reach quick alignment on your KPIs, project goals, and users.


We send you a report that captures all findings, solution ideas and research recordings.


We facilitate a 1-day collaborative analysis and ideation workshop with your team, on site. This optional step has a huge impact on your team and your work.


We conduct a rigorous recruiting and screening process to find representative users.


We moderate qualitative (1-on-1) content testing sessions with users — remote or in-person. Where possible, we supplement this with quantitative testing.