Persona Consulting Service

Tired of abstract personas that never get used? Partner with us to create personas based on UX research and a collaborative process we’ve perfected with companies like GEICO and Herman Miller.

Featured Story:

How Herman Miller used “team sport” research to create personas


Herman Miller was preparing for an upcoming redesign of its Design Within Reach website. They wanted research-based personas to lay the foundation for their redesign efforts.


We interviewed 10 customers and shared the recordings with Herman Miller. We then led a 1-day on-site workshop to collaboratively create personas based on the research.


By participating actively in the research and persona creation process, the team walked away with a deep understanding of its customers and a set of personas that they will remember and use.

How a travel brand used personas and journey maps to build a 12-month product roadmap

  • $20 billion travel company was undergoing organizational change and needed a digital roadmap for one of its top brands.
  • We brought members of their marketing, IT and creative teams on 3 travel agency field visits and 30 customer interviews. Then we led them through a workshop to develop 3 research-driven personas and journey maps.
  • The team left with a unifying 3-year experience vision, a 12-month product roadmap, and a list of enhancements they’d never considered.

How real estate personas inspired a 180% conversion rate lift

  • regional real estate company saw a 60% drop in renter leads after a redesign. While their leasing agents had a clear picture of the target audience, the site’s designers and writers did not.
  • We interviewed 5 agents and support reps to understand their renters’ behaviors, pain points, and questions. We prototyped 4 personas that we refined over time as we interviewed customers during UX testing.
  • The new personas drove design and content changes, including 8 that we launched as A/B tests within a 10-week sprint. One of these tests increased the visitor-to-renter conversion rate by 180%.

How personas helped a cruise agency boost leads by 850%

  • A world cruise is no ordinary purchase, often costing $50,000 per person. Cruise Specialists, which books more world cruises than just about anyone, was redesigning part of its site in hopes of selling more.
  • Within 1 week, we created lean personas based on interviews with 4 of their top travel agents. Just about every design and copy decision flowed from the needs uncovered in the research — such as the finding that many world cruisers hate airlines and the hassle of long trips.
  • Organic world cruise leads are up 850% since their redesign, and they keep growing.

Transforming the blog feedback cycle with target personas

  • For 6 months, a content agency had been writing weekly blog posts for a wine furniture retailer. The client often gave the agency feedback like “I don’t like this paragraph,” leading to a contentious relationship.
  • We introduced the agency to 6 research-based personas that we created for the retailer a year earlier. Then we suggested a new step: put the target persona at the top of each post draft.
  • Reviewers started saying things like “The Casual Drinker won’t understand this …” or “Collectors won’t care about this topic.” Personas improved the content, the feedback, and the agency-client relationship.

Our Process for Persona Studies


We reach quick alignment on your KPIs, project goals, and users.


We send you a report that captures all research findings, personas, and next steps.


We facilitate a 1-day persona building workshop with your team. Currently all workshops are remote.


We conduct a rigorous recruiting and screening process to find representative users.


We conduct moderated user interviews, field studies, and/or other user research.

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