Qualitative Market Research Services

Want to identify and explore market opportunities with a consumer or professional audience? Our team of qualitative user researchers can help you quickly gain deep insights, test assumptions, pivot ideas, and move closer to product-market fit.

1:1 Research, Team Analysis & Deep Insights

When it comes to market research and early-stage customer development, most firms rely on surveys and focus groups. The result: shallow or misleading insights at a big cost.

To get deep, accurate insights, we use qualitative user research methods like in-depth interviews, field visits, and observation-based testing

To make those insights sticky and actionable, we use a team sport research approach. We share the raw research directly with your team — or bring you with us. Then we guide you through a collaborative analysis and ideation process.

Whether you want to understand an audience’s needs, test a hypothesis, or generate a research-based product strategy, our expert-led approach can give your team the insights, motivation and guidance it needs.

Consumer Market Research Examples

1:1 interviews with recent home buyers to identify steps and pain points in the home buying journey.

Observation sessions with pet lovers actively planning for and researching a dog or cat adoption.

10 interviews with recent furniture purchasers to help generate personas and journey maps.

Interviews and observation sessions to test hypotheses about potential medical trial participants.

Enterprise & B2B Market Research Examples

Moderated observation sessions with government statisticians to validate workflow hypotheses.

1:1 interviews with global NGO directors to identify persona pain points and goals.

Call center field visits to understand tasks and workflow gaps for customer service reps.

5 government site visits to observe enterprise software workflows for federal/county case specialists.

Our Process

While we customize each project, many of our market research projects follow a variation of this 5-step approach.


We reach quick alignment on your research goals, KPIs and audiences.


We deliver a summary report with all findings, artifacts and recordings.


We facilitate a 1-day on-site workshop with research, analysis, and ideation.


We conduct a rigorous recruiting and screening process to find representative users.


We moderate 1:1 interview and observation sessions in the field or remotely.

Why “Team Sport” Market Research Works

Seeing (and hearing) is believing

Even the smartest product owners, business strategists and designers hold bad assumptions about their market. An expert report with some quotes won’t convince them they’re wrong. What will? Observing and listening to customers directly and in depth.

Alignment is really hard

Listening to customers and analyzing data together has a magical power: it builds a shared, objective understanding of the audience, its pain points, and your opportunities. This saves you a ton down the road by reducing rework, delays and failed launches.

You are the experts

We see it over and over … your team’s insights, hypotheses and ideas beat those of a consultant. But only if you listen to customers in depth and go through a rigorous analysis process. Facilitation is the biggest value we bring — not our findings or ideas.

Data to deadlines in a day

We know how hard it is to turn research into ideas that launch. That’s why our workshops don’t end until every hypothesis or solution has a next step, an owner, and a deadline. Going from messy data to clear next steps in 1 day builds excitement and momentum.