Data-Driven UX & SEO

Attract more search engine traffic.
Convert more visitors into customers.

Our Services

Looking for a long-term partner to help your web business grow?

We’re an 8-person DC-based web agency that helps clients:

  • Define and refine digital strategy
  • Identify and track KPIs
  • Optimize search engine visibility
  • Design and build mobile-friendly sites
  • Write clear content that converts
  • Conduct UX testing and research

We do all of these things — and a lot more — month after month
in a test-measure-iterate cycle.

Our Process

To succeed online, you need a holistic, repeatable approach.


Identify KPIs. Define success. Analyze results.


Observe users. Spot problems. Create hypotheses.


Redesign pages. Rewrite copy. Rearchitect flows.


User test. A/B test. Improve traffic and conversions.

Repeat this cycle quarter after quarter and you’ll have a growth engine — something far more powerful and sustainable than a Big Redesign or one-and-done marketing campaigns.

Our Work

Big company experience, small company focus.

We work with companies across a variety of industries, from startups to the Fortune 100.

Case Study

A North American travel company with hundreds of agents was eager to attract more consumer leads. In early 2013, their website’s agent section was attracting under 100 visitors per month from organic search. With Marketade’s SEO and UX help, they’re now attracting over 6,000 visitors — and 1,000 leads — from organic search each month.

Marketade has helped

We see the best results with companies:

  • In travel, finance, health, non-profit and e-commerce
  • With 30 to 200 employees
  • Looking for help across design, marketing and strategy
  • Eager for sustainable, long-term growth

About Us

Think of us as an extension of your team that:

  • Fills in your skill gaps
  • Tackles your biggest online challenges
  • Provides continuous direction and feedback
  • Implements ideas when you need it
  • Has the expertise of a big agency
  • Costs about as much as 1 full-time hire

John Nicholson

  • Ran GEICO’s web marketing team
  • Expert in analytics, UX and SEO

Theo Theologis
Senior Marketer

  • 15+ years of marketing experience
  • Expert in SEM, conversion optimization and analytics

Patrick Labadie
Senior Designer

  • 15+ years of web design experience
  • Expert in visual design, UX design and HTML/CSS/JS

Brett Harned
Senior Project Manager

  • Over 15 years of digital project management experience
  • Founded the Digital PM Summit

Matt Brown
UX Team Lead

  • Master’s in digital anthropology from University College London
  • Expert in ethnographic user research and usability testing

Anup Sheth
UX Specialist

  • Ph.D. in sociology from UCLA
  • Expert in field studies, user interviews and usability testing

Nora Fiore
Content Specialist

  • Expert in writing for the web, content strategy and UX
  • Valedictorian at Middlebury College

Rob Russell
UX Specialist

  • Masters in cognitive psychology
  • Expert in user research, usability testing, and statistical analysis

Kristina Barnett
Senior Project Manager

  • 15+ years of experience with a focus on UX projects
  • Masters in sociology

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