Apply for a free program trial

It’s often hard to know what you’re getting from an ongoing UX research program with us … until you try us out.  And it’s hard to know if you’ll be a good partner for us until we try you out.

In the spirit of direct observation and lean experiments, we offer free trials to a small number of teams. There’s no obligation, no badgering after the trial, no catch.

What is the trial?

Typically it’s something like this: 1) kickoff call; 2) identify a small project; 3) do the project; 4) wrap-up call.

How long does it last?

Usually about a month, start to finish.

Really, what’s the catch?

Nothing. This is our bold experiment to skip the BS of RFPs, sales calls, and proposals based on bad assumptions — and to try an approach that fits with what we preach: lightweight, iterative, evidence-based testing.

The only caveats are 1) we may not accept you. To see if you’re a good potential fit, we’ll want to speak with you on the phone for at least 90 minutes to understand your organizational goals/KPIs, current/past research, team/stakeholders, and products/services/customers; and 2) we only offer trials when we have some bandwidth.  If you’re seeing this, we have bandwidth now.  But that typically doesn’t last long.  So if you’re interested, jump on it now.


Great!  Just complete the form below and we’ll email you to set up an initial phone call.

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