User Research Agency for Digital Products

From discovery research to iterative UX testing to ongoing partnerships, we help product and UX teams fall in love with customers, problems, and innovation. We’re a small remote agency trusted by big and mid-size organizations.

Reports Get Ignored. Team Sport Research Gets Results.

Most user research agencies disappear to do research and return with a big report that no one reads.

We do the opposite. We guide your product team through a collaborative research and ideation process that we’ve mastered with Fortune 500 clients.

This team sport approach works wonders at driving consensus, action, and a user-centered culture. And as a fully remote company since 2009, we can do it all virtually.

"A fantastic little agency that does amazing work."

Jared Spool

Founder, UIE

Get Your Team Aligned in a Day

From discovery research to iterative prototype testing, workshops are the secret sauce behind our projects.

1. Observe

Learn about your software customers and their needs by watching qualitative user research.

2. Analyze

Reach product team alignment on your top customer pain points and innovation opportunities.

3. Ideate

Generate and prioritize innovative product concepts and solutions to your top problems. Define next steps.