Content Research Case Studies

See short case studies of our work helping companies with content testing, keyword research and content audits.

Featured Story:

How a design manager turned content into a strategic priority


A design manager at a 5-million-customer company faced this challenge: product teams were neglecting the UX effect of their online copy.



We worked with her team to design a collaborative process for testing and rewriting content across multiple products. The process aligned a diverse set of stakeholders and streamlined approvals.


In the 18 months since launch, we’ve collaborated with 75 stakeholders across 5 product teams to implement research-driven content strategies and changes on web, mobile and email.

Content Audits

29 content recommendations from a 71-page audit

  • The team at this luxury travel brand needed a tool to improve the quality and consistency of its rapidly growing website content.
  • We conducted a quantitative and qualitative evaluation of 71 representative pages. We combined manual quality ratings for each page, Google Analytics data on traffic and conversions, and other factors.
  • The output: 29 recommendations across 7 content areas of the site. These included 6 high-priority recommendations for creating new pages improving existing pages.

Content Audits

How a content audit helped boost annual revenue by $500K

  • top maker of wine cooling equipment was redesigning its site, and wanted to build a user-centered content strategy.
  • We conducted a content audit of the existing site, including a qualitative assessment of all 287 pages. We found 70% of pages to be “inadequate” or “poor” and identified 15 core problems. The output was a lightweight content strategy.
  • The site’s new content contributed to significant increases in KPIs, including an annualized website revenue lift of over $500K.

Keyword Research

How a nonprofit used keyword research to boost leads by 175%

  • Google-born global nonprofit was struggling to attract leads for its corporate training programs. And despite its Google roots, the website was largely invisible on search engines.
  • Based on their 4 target personas, we conducted keyword research with Google data to identify 1,500 keywords across 25 categories. We then worked with the marketing team to create 250 AdWords ads for those keywords, and to make SEO changes.
  • Within 1 month, AdWords traffic increased by 500% and corporate leads increased by 175%. Organic traffic and leads increased 66% within 6 months.