Custom UX Research Services

When your only tool is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. While usability testing is our everyday tool, it’s not the right method for every research challenge. From personas to card sorts to content testing, we leverage and customize a wide range of methods to meet your needs.

Recent User Research Projects in 2019

Personas for Herman Miller

10 contextual interviews with customers of HM’s Design Within Reach furniture brand. Then a 1-day persona-building workshop at their HQ in Michigan.

Card Sort for United Nations

Card sort and first-click testing for a 2,500-person agency within the UN System. 12 moderated plus 105 unmoderated sessions. Informed the IA for a new HR portal.

Content Testing for GEICO

Content testing of the current digital claims flow plus prototypes. Drove research-backed changes to link/button text, form field labels and other microcopy.

Tree Testing for Nu Skin

Tested 3 navigation variations for Nu Skin’s main website, running participants through 14 findability tasks. Small-scale moderated testing plus 150 quantitative sessions.

Buyer Journey Research for PenFed

In-depth interviews with 10 recent home buyers about their journeys. Defined 11 key home-buying steps and identified pain points and highlights.

Heuristic Evaluations for Epsilon

Partnered with Epsilon to conduct UX audits for a top 20 global pharma company. Analyzed 2 consumer sites and 1 professional site. Prioritized 50+ recommendations.

UX Evaluation & Training for BI

A 3-phase UX evaluation of BI’s enterprise software: 1) current state field study with 3 site visits, 2) prototype testing with 3 user groups, and 3) UX training for 50 developers.

Intercept Testing for Travel Leaders

For concept testing of a new website feature, we wanted frequent travelers actively searching for a travel agent. We recruited them via intercepts on relevant web pages.

Replay Analysis for Baileigh

Using session replay technology, we analyzed 100 recent sessions on Baileigh’s website. Key findings on search behavior, product photo interactions and more.

“I thought the interview set-up, organization, and deliverables were all fantastic!”

Jeremy Abrahams

UX Design Lead, Herman Miller

Our Typical Process

While we customize each project, many of our UX research projects follow a variation of this 5-step approach.


We reach quick alignment on your KPIs, project goals, and users.


We deliver a summary report with all findings, solution ideas and recordings.


We facilitate a 1-day on-site workshop with research, analysis, and solution ideation.


We conduct a rigorous recruiting and screening process to find representative users.


We moderate 1:1 research sessions, and often supplement this with quantitative research.

“Fantastic. I loved the the process to brainstorm at a very abstract level and then quickly distill that into real action items.”

Michael Cooke

Director of Software Engineering, BI Incorporated

Our User Research Methods

Here are some of the methods we use on a frequent basis.  Often we mix and match methods based on the research goals.

Usability Research

Usability Testing | UX Audits | Intercept Testing

Audience Research

Personas | Journey Maps | Concept Testing

IA & Navigation Research

Card Sorts | Tree Testing | First Click Testing

Analytics & Experiments

Web Analytics | A/B Testing | Session Replay Analysis

Content Research

Content Testing | Content Audits | Keyword Research

“Working with Marketade has been an amazing experience. I highly recommended them to anyone!”

Hung Ngo

Senior UX Designer, PenFed Credit Union