Financial Services Case Study:

How a Credit Union Used Sprints to Tackle Critical Business Challenges

We led two 5-day design sprints for a 2-million-member credit union. In each sprint, a diverse group of team members learned design thinking skills while tackling complex business challenges.

Marketade facilitated two 5-day design sprints for a top credit union with over 1.8 million customers across 50 states.

In the first sprint, a team focused on a new customer onboarding challenge that was a companywide focus. The previous application presented a fragmented experience, leading to high abandonment and lost revenue. The company gathered a diverse 9-person sprint team that included 2 executives (the “Deciders”) as well as members of marketing, design, IT, and call center operations.

Over 1 week, we led the team through a series of exercises including discovery research, journey mapping, ideation, sketching, storyboarding, prototyping, and concept testing. By the end of the week, the team had prototyped an innovative onboarding flow, tested it with real customers, iterated the designs, and roadmapped the implementation steps.

A few months later, just as the credit union was finishing an MVP from its 1st sprint, we facilitated a 2nd sprint to tackle another major business challenge: how to better support deployed military members. New sprint team. Similar process. Same impact:

  • Cross-team collaboration
  • Training and excitement around design thinking
  • More innovation and iteration in 1 week than most teams achieve in 1 year
  • Real change in both the customer experience and organizational culture

“Set the stage to disrupt the culture of the entire organization by introducing human-centered design.”

Digital Product Manager

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