Nonprofit Case Study:

How PetSmart Charities Combined Usability and A/B Testing to Increase a Signup Rate from 27% to 71%

A national nonprofit embraces a research cycle with qualitative and quantitative testing — and achieves a 167% lift on its top KPI.

Challenge: “Not What I Expected”


A research participant completes the previous newsletter signup process.




Newsletter signup completion and drop-off rates.

Approach: A/B Testing of Simplified Form

Result: Completion Increase from 27% to 71%

Over the course of the experiment, the original page (“A”) converted 27% of Signup flow visitors, in line with historical analytics data.

The new page (“B”) converted 71% of visitors — representing a 167% increase in the newsletter signup completion rate, with 100% confidence.

A/B test results based on data from Google Optimize.

About the Project

  • Industry: Nonprofit
  • Platform: Website
  • Audience type: Consumers
  • Specific audiences: Charitable donors; pet lovers
  • Methods: Usability testing; A/B testing
  • Qualitative sample size: 12 participants
  • Stakeholder teams: Marketing, communications, IT
  • Organization size: Under 100 employees

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