Our Work

We conduct collaborative UX research for organizations with a focus on websites, apps, and software. We do everything from mobile wireframe testing to call center field studies. Consumer, B2B, and employee. Qualitative and quantitative. Remote and in-person.

Ongoing Research Programs

Avoiding change chaos through a call center research program

  • An enterprise financial services firm was designing new software to be used by 5,000 customer support reps in 10 call centers. The team needed a way to involve the agents in the new system design.
  • We developed and ran a bi-weekly research program with 1,300 reps who went through the key tasks with prototypes.
  • UX insights from 55 testing cycles helped inform the design team. But the biggest win was reps felt invested in the new system long before it was implemented — reducing training and anxiety.

Research Workshops

Driving alignment through collaborative research at Vacation.com

  • In 2017, a $20 billion travel company relaunched Vacation.com as a content hub with a focus on newlywed travelers.
  • After launch, we ran a usability test with 8 people planning a honeymoon or destination wedding. We then facilitated a remote workshop with 12 stakeholders from their marketing, IT and creative teams.
  • Within 2 hours, the diverse set of stakeholders reached consensus on the top 4 usability problems worth solving in upcoming releases.

Usability Research

Generating 31 UX improvements for a Mount Sinai app

  • The team at Mount Sinai’s Icahn School of Medicine had developed a new web app for cancer survivors. With a launch date looming, they wanted to do usability testing within 3 weeks.
  • In a 2-week usability testing sprint, we tested the app with 12 users: 8 cancer survivors and 4 caregivers.
  • Our research uncovered 33 UX problems — including 9 high-impact ones. We provided solution sketches or guidelines for 31 of the problems.

Information Architecture Research

How Smithsonian caught navigation issues while they were easy to fix

  • As the world’s largest museum and research complex, the Smithsonian faces a daunting challenge with any website it runs: how to make so much information easy to find? 
  • Early in a redesign of its Global site, we helped identify 9 critical user tasks. We then took the draft site map and ran a findability-focused “tree test” with 10 users.
  • Vague category names and overlapping content caused users to struggle on 6 of the 9 tasksYet by testing early in the process, the team had time to create a more intuitive site architecture prior to launch.

Audience Research

How real estate personas inspired a 280% conversion rate increase

  • regional real estate company saw a 60% drop in renter leads after a redesign. While their leasing agents had a clear picture of the target audience, the site’s designers and writers did not.
  • We interviewed 5 agents and support reps to understand their renters’ behaviors, pain points, and questions. Then we prototyped 4 personas that we refined during UX testing and interviews.
  • The new personas drove over 40 design and content changes, including 8 that we launched as A/B tests within a 10-week sprint. By the end of the sprint, their visitor-to-lead conversion rate was up 280%.

Content Research

How a content audit helped boost annual revenue by $500K

  • A top maker of wine cooling equipment was redesigning its site, and wanted to build a user-centered content strategy.
  • We conducted a content audit of the existing site, including a qualitative assessment of all 287 pages. We found 70% of pages to be “inadequate” or “poor” and identified 15 core problems. The output was a lightweight content strategy.
  • The site’s new content contributed to significant increases in KPIs, including an annualized website revenue lift of over $500K.

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