Enterprise User Research Programs

Need recurring user research to support your team and products? Partner with Marketade to bring ongoing user insights and validation to your process. We build and scale research programs for teams in product, innovation, and UX/design.

Research Program Examples

Enterprise: GEICO

  • Over the last 10 years, Marketade has partnered with GEICO’s digital experience team on over 300 user research projects spanning many products, teams, and methods.
  • We’ve helped launch and operationalize 5 ongoing research programs — for call center applications, content strategy, and in-person testing with consumers.
  • And we’ve facilitated over 100 research-based ideation workshops, bringing in-depth user exposure and design thinking to over 500 employees.
  • Read our GEICO case study: A Year in the Life of an Enterprise User Research Program.

Mid-Size: Nu Skin

  • Nu Skin’s UX research “team of one” was struggling to keep up with growing requests from across the 4,000-person global company.
  • Over 6 months, we collaborated with Nu Skin’s UX team to build and scale its user research operations.
  • We led 8 projects across a wide range of product and business units — including IA tree testing, competitive assessments, contextual interviews, and usability testing with consumers and distributors.
  • We also planned a global UX research program to support Nu Skin as it launches digital products in diverse international markets.

Agency: Epsilon

  • With nearly 10,000 employees, Epsilon is the 5th-largest U.S. ad agency and a world leader in data-driven marketing. It works with 15 of the top 20 global brands.
  • Epsilon first engaged Marketade in 2018 for usability testing of a large U.S. bank’s application flows.
  • Since then, multiple Epsilon teams have partnered with us on UX research projects for their key clients.
  • These include qualitative and quantitative usability testing in healthcare and financial services, numerous UX evaluations, and a 6-month user research program for a top 20 global pharma company with multiple brands.
  • Read our Epsilon case study: How a Top-5 Ad Agency Brought UX Research to Top Clients.

“Marketade has been our partner for years and it truly is a partnership. They take our feedback to heart and we collaborate to implement the best solutions.”

Jeremy Van Kuyk

VP of Information Technology, Travel Leaders Group

How Our Programs Work

Here are some common pieces of our recurring research programs and ResearchOps initiatives.

Program strategy

Identify teams and products for research. Define pilot and rollout strategy. Establish program team roles and operations. Build buy-in from management.

Research cycle design

Determine study frequency and steps, method mix, topic selection process, and workshop options. Design a repeatable process. Assess and iterate.

Panel building

Build or update personas. Create a recruiting strategy for consumers or B2B audiences. Implement a screening process. Select a panel management tool.

Internal marketing

Create an internal marketing site for the research program. Implement an email communication strategy. Identify champions and write success stories.

KPI reporting

Define long-term business goals for program. Identify KPIs and quarterly targets. Launch monthly and quarterly dashboards.


Train and coach your teams on user research: method selection, moderating techniques, workshop facilitation and more.

“Great team of professionals who really understand this space and how to make real progress.”

Michael Cooke

Director of Software Engineering, BI Incorporated

Benefits of Our Programs

Make research a team sport.

Move from executive summaries that sit on shelves to executive participation that drives UX change. Bring all types of people — from developers to marketers to lawyers — into the research analysis and design process.

Prove UX ROI to executives.

What’s the business goal? How will you measure success? Is tracking in place? We’ll help you implement a measurement strategy for your UX projects and regularly report on program KPIs.

Create a pipeline of smart experiments.

Frustrated by your team’s lack of innovation and big wins? Move past hunch-based experimentation, and unleash the best source of innovative ideas: in-depth exposure to customers.

Up your design team’s game.

Nothing improves the skills of designers faster than learning about the customer’s needs and watching users interact with their designs. Our collaborative approach brings your designers in on the action so they can grow.

Say goodbye to last-minute recruiting.

Tired of hunting for new users each time you want to do research? We’ll help you build a custom panel with hundreds of high-quality participants — on demand, and owned by you.

"A fantastic little agency that does amazing work."

Jared Spool

Founder, UIE