Software & Technology UX Research Services

We are a small agency specializing in ongoing user research programs for product and UX teams. We have deep experience working with a wide range of technology and software companies, including, including:

  • Enterprise software companies like Thales, BI, and Cision
  • Web and IT services like Verizon, Network Solutions, and GoodRx
  • Small business software firms like Thryv and Malwarebytes
  • Consumer technology product makers like and Tonal

Ongoing UX Research Programs in Software & Technology

Marketade’s core service is building and running user research programs for enterprise and mid-size companies.

We lead discovery research and iterative UX testing to help teams build better software, websites, mobile apps, and enterprise applications. From personas to usability testing to card sorts, we draw from a diverse toolkit to drive user understanding, innovation, and iteration.

Research Program Case Study:

Helping Thales Understand Enterprise Software Users & Buyers

Enterprise Software Leader

With 80,000 employees in over 50 countries, Thales sells products to governments and companies around the world. Its annual revenue is over $20 billion USD.

Hard-to-Recruit Professionals

Product, UX, and innovation teams at Thales struggled to conduct research with actual users and potential buyers of its enterprise security software.

2 Years of Consistent Research

Over 2 years, Marketade led recurring studies to guide critical product and design decisions — from journey mapping to concept/MVP testing to UX testing.

“I am always surprised about the great insights coming out of the ‘messy’ post-it brainstorming … It definitely helped build consensus between teams.”

Jean-Philippe Mailloux

Solution Designer, Thales

Research Program Case Study:

More User Insights for More Product Teams: Building a Continuous UX Research Cycle for an Enterprise Software Company


Complex software products with specialized audiences required UX testing beyond internal research capacity.


Marketade established and grew a recurring UX research program that fits the product division’s goals and schedule.


Completed research studies grew by 54% in the program’s first 2 years. The program delivers observation-backed insights more frequently and dependably to inform strategic directions.

One-Time User Research Studies in Software & Technology

We lead a small number of standalone user research studies in the software/tech space. These projects often include multiple rounds of qualitative research and/or a mix of qual/quant methods.

Our toolkit includes discovery research methods (user interviews, personas, journey maps, concept/MVP testing) and UX research methods (usability testing, content testing, card sorts).

Featured Project:

How a Holistic UX Evaluation Helped BI Transform Its Enterprise Software


In late 2018, Boulder-based BI was eager to redesign its case management software used by over 1,400 government agencies at the federal, state, and local levels.


Marketade led a 3-phase holistic UX evaluation of the software: 1) current state field study with 3 site visits, 2) prototype testing with 3 user groups, and 3) UX training for 50 developers.


BI senior product manager Wendy Herrera reported in late 2020 that Marketade’s “thorough training, analysis and skillsets have continued supporting our product efforts to this date – almost 2 full years later!”

“Fantastic. I loved the process to brainstorm at a very abstract level and then quickly distill that into real action items.”

Michael Cooke

Director, Software Engineering, BI, Incorporated

Recent User Research Projects in Software & Tech

Thryv — User Testing & Workshop

Usability testing and an analysis workshop for a B2B software company whose products include the Yellow Pages. Tested their flagship software with small business customers and prospects. Learn more: Software Usability Testing with Small Business Customers for Thryv.

Malwarebytes — Interviews & UX Testing

Contextual interviews and usability testing security software managers at midsize organizations, followed by a half-day analysis workshop. Learn more: Usability Testing with IT Security Managers for Malwarebytes.

Verizon — Product/Market Fit Research

1:1 interviews with enterprise decision-makers to test assumptions behind a new software concept. Learn more: Product/Market Fit Research for Verizon’s Innovation Group.

Remote usability testing of an NGO web platform — Installation UX Testing

In-person user experience testing of the installation wizard for’s home security system. Followed by a stakeholder workshop to analyze the data, generate solutions, and create a product roadmap.

Remote usability testing of an NGO web platform

Tonal — Personas & Journey Maps

Persona research and journey mapping research for this AI-powered fitness technology company backed by Amazon. Learn more: How Tonal Turned Customer Journey Mapping into a Team Sport.

Podium — Product Strategy Research

25 in-depth interviews with B2B customers, a 150-person survey, and an analysis workshop to inform the 2022 roadmap at this software company valued at $3 billion. Learn more: How Podium Used Mixed-Methods Research to Guide Product Strategy.

BI — Discovery Research

A 3-phase early-stage research project to inform an overhaul of BI’s case management software for government agencies. Learn more: Discovery Research with Government Case Managers for BI Inc.

Statespace — Product/Market Research

We ran strategic research to help a digital health team understand their target audience and opportunities to achieve product/market fit. We led a 150-person survey followed by 12 in-depth interviews and a persona generation workshop. Learn more: Helping Statespace Move Toward Product/Market Fit with Mixed Methods Research.

Cision — Product Strategy Research

When you have no direct access to the customers you want to interview, sometimes you need a lucky break — and an opportunistic mindset. Learn more: How Guerilla User Research Helped Cision Generate a Product Strategy.

Thales — Enterprise Software Research

Multiple discovery and UX research studies from 2019 to 2021 for this global tech and software firm with over 80,000 employees.  Learn more: Helping Thales Test Enterprise Security Concepts with B2B Decision-Makers.

GoodRx — User Research Training

UX research training for product and design teams at GoodRx, a leading digital platform for consumer healthcare and the #1 most downloaded medical app. Multiple rounds of training conducted remotely.

CAS — Concept Testing

We led enterprise software concept testing for this 1,000-person division of the American Chemical Society. Interviewed scientists to assess the value and usefulness of a potential new feature and to generate ideas for future innovation.

Marketade has been our partner for years and it truly is a partnership. They take our feedback to heart and we collaborate to implement the best solutions.

Jeremy Van Kuyk

Chief Information Officer, Travel Leaders Group