One of the goals of our SEO makeovers is to share in detail the process we use to optimize a site.  Since it’s easier to learn through a real-world example, we’re hopeful this will be much more useful than the generic SEO tips articles business owners and marketers normally have to rely on.

With our first makeover, for PhotoTour DC, we didn’t do a good job of documenting our key initial steps as we were doing them (we’ll still be sharing results and lessons from that makeover as they come in).  With our current makeover for the Melete Foundation, we promise to do a better job of sharing as we go.

As I explained to the Melete team in our kickoff meeting, we’ll be following the steps shown in our SEO process map.  Here they are in a 10-step list:

  1. Kickoff Meeting
  2. Web Tracking Setup
  3. Pre-SEO Analysis
  4. Keyword Research
  5. Content + Tag Optimization
  6. Local SEO
  7. Link Optimization
  8. Analysis + Reports Rounds 1 + 2
  9. Optimization Rounds 2 + 3
  10. Automate Reports + Send Final Recs

As with all of our SEO projects, we set Melete up in Basecamp, our web-based project management and collaboration tool.  This allows everyone to easily stay on the same page.  We can track our milestones …

Melete SEO Milestones… and each team can see their to-do items, along with deadlines, that lead up to each milestone …

Melete SEO To-Do ListMore to come as we knock off more steps.