Keyword Research

Write data-driven content that answers users’ questions and improves both UX and SEO.

Give the content team a UX superpower.

Most writers know little about their audience’s searching behavior. Create better-converting content by understanding top user questions and goals.

Extend research to where the UX starts.

Why limit your UX research to your website experience, when most user experiences start with a search on Google?

Make your marketing team happy.

Marketers love the sustainable, low-cost traffic that comes from strong organic rankings. And keyword research is the best foundation for effective SEO.

Featured Story:

How a nonprofit used keyword research to boost leads by 175%


A Google-born global nonprofit was struggling to attract leads for its corporate training programs. And despite its Google roots, the website was largely invisible on search engines.


Based on their 4 target personas, we dug into Google data to identify 1,500 keywords across 25 categories. We then worked with the marketing team to create 250 AdWords ads for those keywords, and to make SEO changes.


Within 1 month, AdWords traffic increased by 500% and corporate leads increased by 175%. Organic traffic and leads increased 66% within 6 months.