B2B Project Summary:

Usability Testing with Interior Designers for Phillip Jeffries

To guide a B2B website redesign, New Jersey-based Phillip Jeffries hired Marketade to lead its first-ever usability testing study. The collaborative project led to “team alignment on how customers are using the site” and a concrete “action plan.”


Phillip Jeffries is a world leader in luxury wallcovering. The NJ-based company sells products primarily through interior designers hired by commercial and residential clients.

In late 2021, a cross-functional team at Phillip Jeffries was in the early stages of a website redesign that they hoped would modernize their site, improve the user experience, and improve business KPIs.

Phillip Jeffries partnered with Marketade to conduct user research to inform their redesign. The team’s specific goals included:

  • Understand what customers are thinking, experiencing, and engaging with as they use the site
  • Identify barriers to ordering a sample or products online
  • Surface opportunities to improve the usability of the website
  • Validate/invalidate potential design directions for the site


Based on these research goals, Marketade used the following approach:

  • Designed the research after a short discovery period
  • Recruited 9 interior designers who were existing customers
  • Moderated one-on-one 45-minute usability testing sessions (see a clip below)
  • Facilitated two half-day analysis and ideation workshops with 8 Phillip Jeffries stakeholders from marketing, CX, sales and IT
  • Delivered a 25-page report focused on workshop outputs and next steps


By the end of the project, the Phillip Jeffries team walked away with:

  • 10 primary findings; these included barriers, features that worked well, and insights about how customers used the site
  • 4 strategic opportunities to improve the site
  • List of quick wins and long-term solution ideas for the 2 website flows with the biggest improvement opportunity — based on in-depth solution brainstorms in breakout groups.
  • 10 concrete next steps — and owners — for implementing quick wins and long-term solutions in the next quarter

Project Impact

Immediately after the project, Phillip Jeffries stakeholders shared the following comments:

  • “Incredibly in-depth approach to collecting invaluable information and how to action it.” Kristina Farrell | Assistant Manager, Customer Experience
  • “I expect the PJ team to get into alignment around the website.” Lars Anderson | IT Director
  • “Very pleased. The biggest benefit was the alignment of our team on how customers are using the site.” Ryan Muller | Senior Web Development Manager
  • “It provided clear direction and resulted in useful insights and an action plan. The Marketade team was great.” Helen Soto | Digital Marketing Manager

About Phillip Jeffries

Founded 40 years ago, Phillip Jeffries is a world leader in luxury wallcovering. Its product line “turns houses into dream homes and elevates commercial spaces into luxury experiences.”

  • Industry: Design Services
  • Size: 250 employees
  • Location: Fairfield, New Jersey
  • Audience Type: B2B — small business
  • Primary Customer: Interior designers

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