I was thinking the other day how nice it would be if someday Google search results were free of sites trying to game the system with shady SEO techniques like keyword stuffing and link spam.  It would be better for just about everyone — users, businesses, and good SEO consultants.

Clearly Google devotes a lot of resources to identifying and penalizing sites engaging in SEO spam; but anyone who spends a lot of time creating quality websites with great content can’t help but be frustrated by the high number of spammy sites that rank well on search engines.  You see sites with your human eyes that are nothing other than a list of keywords and that provide no value to anyone doing that search, and you wonder how Google’s algorithm can continue to reward it.

Jill Whalen has a new article that expresses this frustration with Google much better than I ever could.  Let’s hope lots of people at Google read it.