We’re excited to share a new search engine marketing (SEM) case study featuring our client Say It Visually! Here were the 5 takeaways:

  1. AdWords can be a great marketing channel, especially when you have a product or service that is high dollar-per-sale and/or in a niche field.
  2. AdWords is generally faster to show results than SEO.
  3. AdWords is much easier to set up effectively if you’ve already done your SEO “homework”, in particular keyword research and writing. SEO-friendly pages also make your AdWords traffic much more likely to convert.
  4. AdWords can be more cost-effective than SEO in the surprisingly large number of commercial sectors where Google’s organic results remain littered with spammy sites.
  5. AdWords and SEO can be a powerful combination much greater than the sum of the parts — if you create a continuous feedback loop between the two.

Read the full case study here … then share your thoughts and questions below.