Marketade’s research analysis method revolves around a collaborative UX workshop, where a team of stakeholders works together to prioritize findings and brainstorm solutions. Critical to this approach is first making sure that you have the right people in the room at the time of analysis. Ignoring this important step can result in a range of consequences, from having workshop recommendations vetoed by executives that were kept out of the loop to receiving recommendations based on bias rather than the research. This article will help you put together your dream team for maximum results.

How many people should participate?

We find that our approach works best with about 5-10 people, with the sweet spot being around 8. Try not to have more than one person with the same role (e.g. typically you’ll only invite 1 developer, 1 analyst, etc.).

If you have more people that want to stay in the loop, they are more than welcome to join remotely to observe the research.

Who should I invite?

Every project is different, but typically there are a handful of roles you’ll want to fill. These include:

The Decider

The Decider is the most important person to consider. Ask yourself this question: Who is the person with ultimate decision-making power over this project? This could be a product owner, or it could be an executive. This person must be in the room and will play a critical role. They will cast the deciding votes in any cases of ties or disagreements. It is also crucial that they observe the research that goes into the findings so that they are bought into any recommendations that come out of the day.

If the Decider is unable to attend for the whole day (true Deciders are often busy!), ask them to appoint a trusted delegate who will attend in their place and make decisions on their behalf.

Product Owner

Sometimes the product owner is also the Decider, but not always. Either way is fine.

Team Lead

Team Leads can be the linchpin in making sure agreed-upon solutions actually take effect.


Developers will offer critical insights on the feasibility of proposed solutions.

Subject Matter Experts

Think of 1-3 people that bring unique perspectives to the topic at hand. These can be business analysts, metrics experts, or, in some cases, even customers. Get creative and try to consider which perspectives will be most critical to have involved in the discussion.

Other considerations?

It’s helpful to try to get a diversity of backgrounds in the room to ensure all relevant perspectives are represented. Try to get a good mix of ages, genders, and other traits when building your team.

Who else will be there?

In addition to your team, Marketade will be on hand to provide not only workshop facilitation, but also our usability expertise and best practices.

Getting the right people in the room is one of the most important aspects of a successful UX workshop. If you need assistance with this process, just let us know – we’re happy to lend a helping hand!