We’ve selected the Melete Foundation as winner of our DC SEO Makeover contest for Q1 2011.  Melete’s Guy Bloembergen kicked off his contest application with this:

We’re a small organization that is trying to dream big, but here in the non-profit world you’re only as good as your website. And we know we’re better than our website.

And after reading about Melete’s mission and work, we agreed — and decided they’d be a great organization to help.  The foundation’s mission is to “promote a more tolerant and peaceful world by connecting teachers and students from different cultures.”  They launched less than a year ago, and kicked off their work last summer by sending 3 American to work at an orphanage in Malawi for the summer.

I recently visited the Melete Foundation’s office in Dupont Circle for a kickoff meeting, and we’re already under way with web tracking setup and pre-SEO analysis.  Stay tuned …  And if you’re DC area small business or non-profit, sign up for the next round of our SEO Makeover contest.

Melete-Marketade Kickoff