For the new issue of our newsletter I review Yes! 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive, a book from 3 leading social psychologists, including heavyweight Robert Cialdini.  It’s a fun book and has applications for just about anyone.

Check out my review first.  If you want more examples from the book I’ve included 5 more below, along with a takeaway.  They may be hard to understand without the full story, but they’ll hopefully make the book more appealing for those among you who, like me, like seeing numbers.

1. How do you get more employees to enroll in company-sponsored retirement programs?

Takeaway: Test offering fewer product choices.  This paradox of choice stuff is fascinating but as I’ve written previously there are some questions around it.  Still it’s certainly worth testing fewer vs. more choices for your products/services.

2. How do you get more people to vote in a political election?

Takeaway: Consider adding a “labeling” section to your website like this that emphasizes traits that you want in your clients.

3. How does a waiter increase tips?

Takeaway: Give gifts that are unexpected and personalized.

4. How do you get more people at work to complete your survey?

Takeaway: Personalize important requests and communications as much as possible.  Handwrite thank you notes after job interviews.

5. How do you get homeowners to put up large “Drive Carefully” sign in front lawn?

Takeaway: Use trials and no-commitment monthly plans.  Get your foot in the door.

Have questions or reactions relating to the book?  Have other persuasion tips?  Share them below!