Remote Usability Labs — We Bring Testing & Analysis to You

Skip the expensive usability lab. Get the benefits of a research lab experience without leaving your home or office. See why teams at all types of organizations — from the Fortune 500 to fast-growing startups — trust us to lead virtual research and workshops.

Thinking about renting a usability lab for in-person UX testing?

Here’s a better approach: Work with Marketade to bring remote research and analysis workshops to your team.

Need full-service usability testing? Our research experts can also design your research study, recruit participants, moderate test sessions, facilitate an analysis workshop with your team, and write a summary report.

Remote Research Labs in Action

We can run remote research sessions and give your team an “observation room experience” by showing recordings of sessions and leading a virtual analysis workshop.

Remote Lab @ UVA Health

A marketing team spends a morning observing recordings of remote moderated usability sessions on desktop and mobile.

Remote Lab @ American Water

Product managers, engineers and CX managers watch recordings of in-person research sessions conducted in a different city weeks earlier.

Remote Lab @ BankFinancial

Stakeholders from across the organization observe pre-launch testing of the bank’s new website.

“Working with Marketade has been an amazing experience. I highly recommended them to anyone!”

Hung Ngo

Senior UX Designer, PenFed Credit Union

In-Person Research Labs in Action

NOTE: Due to the pandemic, we are not running on-site research and workshops at this time. We hope to be leading in-person work again soon!

Concept Testing Lab @ PenFed

A diverse team with designers, engineers, marketers and executives watches a live stream as users try a new concept in a meeting room down the hall.

Monthly UX Testing Lab @ GEICO

IT team members observe in-person usability sessions — part of a live monthly testing program.

Paper Prototype Testing @ BI

Developers moderate an on-site research session with a paper prototype they created hours earlier.

Why Mobile Usability Labs Beat Traditional Labs

Lower cost

Traditional usability labs — with the one-way mirrors and fancy snacks — are very expensive to rent. In the old days, this was often the best option. Today, it rarely is. The spread of low-cost tools like GoToMeeting and GoPro, and of meeting rooms with large screens, allow us to stand up an on-site usability lab in an hour at a fraction of the cost of an off-site lab rental.

More stakeholder participation

If you want your usability testing to drive positive change, you need a diverse set of stakeholders to observe the research sessions directly. And you’ll get more stakeholders to show up if your lab is down the hall rather than across town or in another city. This is especially true for executives and other hard-to-pin-down stakeholders.

Better data

Research participants behave more naturally when they are in a setting that feels familiar to them. A fancy usability lab with state-of-the-art technology and multiple cameras may impress companies, but it’s foreign territory to participants, both in B2C and B2B research. A makeshift office or meeting room — or a participant’s home office — make it easier for users to forget they’re being watched and behave authentically.

More scalable

While some UX testing is better than none, the best way to do user research is to make it a habit with a regular cadence. And it’s nearly impossible to build a monthly or weekly testing program if you’re dependent on expensive off-site lab rentals. In addition to leading an on-site lab study, we can train and coach your team on user research basics, including how to quickly set up a lab on their own.

“Marketade has been our partner for years. They provide us with research and analysis and we collaborate in order to implement the best possible solution for our stakeholders. They take our feedback to heart and in turn we make better decisions on our overall strategy.”

Jeremy Van Kuyk

VP of Information Technology, Travel Leaders Group

Need an Off-Site Usability Lab?

While Marketade is a remote team with consultants across the U.S., our base is in Bethesda, MD at Capital Workspaces. We have access to large and small conference rooms that work well for team workshops or sprints. We can also turn the space into a usability lab with separate rooms for research moderation and observation.

“The facilitation was great. Awesome to think about problems this way.”

Aleksandra Golota

Marketing Specialist, UVA Health System