Customer Journey Map Services

Partner with our research team to create evidence-based customer journey maps. Use our collaborative research approach to get team alignment on major customer journey problems. Identify the biggest opportunities to improve your product and customer experience.

Recent Journey Mapping Projects


In-home interview and observation sessions with Tonal home fitness customers in 4 U.S. cities. Followed by a 2-day persona and journey mapping workshop with product managers and designers in early 2020. Learn more about this project.


Remote journey mapping workshop with HR managers. Mapped the hiring process based on in-depth interviews with job candidates and recruiters. Prioritized process changes to create a more candidate-focused hiring process.

Travel Leaders

Team research consisting of 3 travel company field visits and 30 customer interviews. 2-day workshop that generated 3 personas and a research-based journey map for each. Drove a unifying 3-year experience vision and a 12-month product roadmap.

“Working with Marketade has been an amazing experience. I highly recommended them to anyone!”

Hung Ngo

Senior UX Designer, PenFed Credit Union

Our Journey Mapping Process

While we customize every journey mapping project, here’s an overview of our typical process.


We reach quick alignment on your journey mapping goals, product, audiences, and KPIs.


We send you a report that digitizes the final journey maps and captures the supporting research, findings, and next actions.


We facilitate a 1-day journey mapping workshop with your team. Currently all workshops are remote.


We conduct a rigorous recruiting and screening process to find representative research participants.


We conduct moderated user interviews, observation sessions, field studies, and/or other user research.

“I thought the interview set-up, organization, and deliverables were all fantastic!”

Jeremy Abrahams

UX Design Lead, Herman Miller

How Tonal turned journey mapping into a team sport

The 2020 pandemic saw an explosion in demand for home fitness equipment. Powered by AI and focused on strength-building, Tonal is the “smartest home gym you’ve ever seen,” according to Men’s Health. Valued at over $500 million, the Bay Area company is backed by Amazon and athlete-investors like Stephen Curry and Serena Williams.

Just before the pandemic, Tonal picked Marketade to lead in-home qualitative research and a collaborative journey mapping workshop. The project’s main goal was to uncover design opportunities to improve the Tonal customer experience and lead the market on connected strength.

Related goals included:

  • Learn the habits, needs and patterns of a representative customer base
  • Understand Tonal user fitness journeys and customer expectations
  • Create actionable insights to improve and iterate the product

Kickoff & Planning

We facilitated a kickoff meeting to align on project goals and measures of success. Based on this, we designed the research and planned the project in detail.

In-Home Research

We conducted in-home interviews and workout observation sessions with 12 Tonal customers in 4 cities. 1 or 2 Tonal designers and engineers joined us at each stop.

Workshop Pre-Work

In addition to observing 1-2 in-home sessions live, each Tonal stakeholder watched full recordings of 4-5 other sessions, among other pre-workshop homework.

Research Review

To start the workshop, the Tonal team watched clips of all 12 research sessions and took structured notes.

Persona Generation

The team broke into small groups and created personas based on the research. They then picked the most critical personas.

Mapping the Current Journey

Drawing directly from the research they observed, small groups mapped the current journey and pain points for each persona.

Sketching the Ideal Journey

Groups crafted an ideal journey that turns friction points into delight. They then sketched and prioritized product changes to turn that ideal into reality.

Defining Next Actions

We facilitated an exercise to define next steps required for each solution or feature, and assigned owners and deadlines to each action.

Digitized Reporting

We digitized the final journey maps and created a final report that captured all research, workshop steps, team decisions, and next steps.

“I am always surprised about the great insights coming out of the ‘messy’ post-it brainstorming … It definitely helped build consensus between teams.”

Jean-Philippe Mailloux

Solution Designer, Thales

Why a “Team Sport” Approach for Journey Maps?

Seeing is believing

Observing and listening to users has a powerful impact on designers, product managers and other stakeholders. But a few clips in a report doesn’t cut it. Watching in-depth research sessions does.

Alignment is really hard

Watching customers and analyzing data together has a magical power: it builds a shared, objective understanding of customers and their pain points. This saves you a ton down the road by reducing rework, delays and failed launches.

You are the experts

We see it over and over … The journeys, personas, and innovation ideas your team generates beat what consultants produce. But only if you watch users in depth and go through a rigorous, collaborative process.

Data to deadlines in a day

We know how hard it is to turn research into changes that launch. That’s why our workshops don’t end until every top solution has a next step, an owner, and a deadline. Going from messy data to clear next steps in a day or two builds excitement and momentum.

“I loved the interactive nature and really valued the consumers who came in.”

Tim Treger

Director of Learning & Development, Reynolds Consumer Products