User Interview Services

Need a research partner to conduct 1:1 user interviews? Our nimble team can lead all phases of your research project, from designing the study to recruiting participants to moderating the sessions. We are a small remote team that specializes in qualitative in-depth interviews with all types of customers — enterprise B2B, small businesses, consumers, buyers, users, employees, and more.

Recent Customer Interview Projects

Buyer Journey Interviews for PenFed

In-depth interviews with 10 recent home buyers about their journeys. Defined 11 key home-buying steps and identified pain points and highlights. Learn more: Home Buyer Journey Research for PenFed.

Persona Interviews for Herman Miller

10 contextual interviews with customers of HM’s Design Within Reach furniture brand followed by a 1-day persona-building workshop. Learn more: Creating Research-Based Personas for Herman Miller.

Market Validation Interviews for Thales

Discovery interviews with enterprise decision-makers for security strategies and purchases. Learn more: Helping Thales Understand Enterprise Buyers Through Value Proposition Mapping.

B2B Interviews for GEICO

1:1 customer interviews and 2 analysis workshops to generate new content ideas for a commercial insurance product. Learn more: Brainstorming GEICO Content Improvements with Remote Research Workshops.

Contextual Interviews for the UN

In-depth interviews with researchers, statisticians, and economists to inform an overhaul of 3 complex data platforms. Learn more: Strategic User Research for 3 United Nations Data Platforms.

Discovery Interviews for Podium

To inform a product roadmap, we conducted discovery interviews with small business managers and a quantitative survey. Learn more: How Podium Used Mixed-Methods Research to Guide Product Strategy.

“The facilitation was great. Awesome to think about problems this way.”

Aleksandra Golota

Marketing Specialist, UVA Health System

Why Teams Pick Us for User Interviews

Get an interview moderator who does this every day

Many research consultants rely heavily on, surveys, and other unmoderated tools — and only use moderated research once in a while. We’re the opposite. While we often use quantitative research as a supplement, our core service is always research based on in-depth interviews. Your research sessions will benefit from the experience we’ve gained moderating thousands of 1:1 interviews across all major industries — from financial services to government.

Get access to a diverse toolbox

When your only tool is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. That’s why our moderators draw from a wide range of interview-based methods — from contextual interviews to ethnography — and often mix methods within a given session. We also have deep experience with a diverse set of audiences — from mass market consumers to enterprise C-suite professionals to niche small business owners. And we’ve worked at all stages of the product lifecycle — from early-stage discovery research to concept validation to usability testing of live products.

Get deep insights and reliable data

Before conducting interviews, our moderators always write a detailed research plan that includes a discussion guide. But unlike a novice facilitator, we never stick to the script in our sessions; if we did, you’d miss out on critical insights. Our interviewers know what to look for, what to ask, when to probe, and when to stay quiet. And they know how to avoid leading questions that give you misleading data.

Get your team involved

We aren’t just experts at moderating research interviews. We are also experienced facilitators of research workshops. Your team gets to watch our in-depth interviews. Then we guide you through a series of collaborative steps to analyze, align and ideate based on what you observed. The outcomes blow away what you get from a report-only approach.

Get a partner trusted by mature teams

Many teams that hire us already have experienced researchers on their staff. Those staff members — who know how hard it is to facilitate research well — are often our biggest fans after they watch our interviews in action. They come back to us for other projects in large part because of our moderating skills.

“I thought the interview set-up, organization, and deliverables were all fantastic!”

Jeremy Abrahams

UX Design Lead, Herman Miller